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Lisgar Middle School


I am in grade 6 now and my new school is called Lisgar. It is a fantastic school. I really do miss Kindree. I have made some new friends this year. My cousin goes to Lisgar. She is in grade 8 and its her first year at Lisgar  just like me. I am having a lot of fun at Lisgar. If you grade 5s in Kindree are reading this and you are thinking of going to Lisgar you should.It is a fantastic school. There are a lot of things to join. I hope that  next year you will go to Lisgar just like me, my brother, and my cousin. Have a great year in grade 5 everyone. BBBYYYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Dads Baseball Team After they won the Championship for Baseball


  This is my dads team when they won the championship. My little sister was so happy she wanted to be in the picture ( she`s in the front). In this picture you can see that they are holding up one finger. That stands for number one. They were so happy that they won. They hope to win again this year. My dad doesn`t play on t.v. He only plays for fun. His baseball team is called the Ezze Sliders. If you like baseball then comment bellow and tell me who is your favourite team. Well that`s all for now. If you want to here more about my dads baseball team then comment bellow bye.

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Blog Challenge #8-Favourites

  1.  is going on my blog because it is so much fun .
  2.  is reading the book Dewey the Library Cat because it is really good.
  3.  is watching my favourite show shake it up.
  4.  is playing outside because it is fun.
  5.  is spending time with family because it is really fun.
  6.  is play my IPod.
  7.  is hanging out with my friends because its really fun.
  8.  is playing with my brother because he doesn’t like to play with me much.
  9.  is playing with my sisters because I don`t do it much.
  10.  is playing on the computer because I don`t like to go on it that often .


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Student Blog Challenge #6


You should play the game digital citizenship because it will help you learn what todo and what not todo online like how to help your friends if they are being bullied online and it teaches you lots of safety rules about being online. Play and then comment your score here. My score was 34 see if you can get hirer than that.

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How to Play the Flute


The flute is a great instrument, and many people enjoy playing it. Since I play the flute I can teach you. 1 is you should sit up straight so you can get a good tone out of the flute. It is easier to play the flute sitting up straight. 2 Hold your flute up. You’ve probably been told this but it can affect your tone if you hold your flute to low. 3 Balance the flute. There are three points of balance when holding a flute:  the chin, left thumb, and the right thumb. The lip plate should rest in the hollow between your lip and chin, and you should feel a gentle pressure on the gums of your lower teeth. Your flute should rest just above the lowest knuckle of your left pointer finger, above where the finger meets the hand. The flute should rest on the tip of the right thumb, underneath or slightly behind the flute, between the F and E keys. Your right pinkie finger should then land naturally on the E flat key.[1] Once in this position it should feel very natural, and the flute should “float”, allowing you to produce a resonant sound. 4 Breath correctly.  Take a deep breath with your belly, not your upper torso, before playing. You should see your belly physically expand. 5 Listen to your tone. . You can probably fix things yourself. Just think about sounding resonant and full. Imagine that you are vibrating the whole length of your flute. 6 Remember to support the air stream.  In-tune notes always sound better, mainly in ensemble settings. 7 shape your lips. Making the hole in your lips smaller can produce a better tone. The air stream is more direct and you do not use as much air. On the other hand, make sure not to make the hole too small, or you can cut off the airflow and get an airy or forced sound. 8 Know that better tones on certain notes will come with time and familiarity. As you become more familiar with lower and higher notes on the flute, your tone will improve on them as well. Don’t just assume that time will solve everything however. It takes practice too! 9 Use vibrato on longer notes. Vibrato is a technique in which the player pitch bends very fast. Act like you are whispering “ha, ha, ha” and try to play a note.[2] It might sound unnatural at first, so practice until it is natural and even. Vibrato is a good technique that will create interest on longer notes and mask tuning inconsistencies as well. The speed of the vibrato depends upon the effect a flutist is trying to achieve; a faster vibrato often portrays a more intense feeling, while a slower vibrato is more soothing. 10 Have your flute serviced regulary.  A flute that works better has a better tone. Period. If your tuning cork is messed up, a key is leaking, the rods are misaligned, or your flute is ailing in any other way, that will negatively affect your tone. To some extent you can fix things yourself–sticky keys or loose screws–but for most things have your flute checked at a music store. 11 Get a better flute. The quality of the metal (whether nickel, silver, or even gold) and the craftsmanship that went into making a flute drastically affect its tone. If you have a beginner’s flute consider buying a new one. Professional and intermediate flutes are crafted more precisely, and it is easier to get a good tone on many notes. Some features to consider: Open hole keys: These allow the air to go through when uncovered, and this leads to a fuller, more resonant tone. The open holes also create less air resistance, so it is easier to play notes. This is highly recommended, but it will take some adjustment once you switch because you will have to cover the holes completely with your fingers. Start out with plugs in the keys that are hardest to reach, so you can play normally, and work at playing without the plugs while you practice, In line G key: This is a matter of personal preference and wont really affect the tone. An in line G key just means that one key will be a bit harder to reach (see the image to the right). If you have small hands or are used to playing with an offset G key, it is fine to stick with that. The main reason an in line G key is preferred is for the pleasing look of the keys, B foot: You can purchase a foot joint with a few extra keys that enables you to play one chromatic step lower than usual (a B). This is a good idea because you will probably come across the note in advanced flute literature, Gizmo key: This key will almost always be included in a B foot and makes it easier to play high C or C# (5+ ledger lines)[3], Split E Mechanism: A split E mechanism divides the action of the upper and lower G keys. Normally the G keys close together; in a split E mechanism, that is still true, but the lower G can close when the third octave E natural is played. This provides ideal tone hole venting for the high E and can improve tuning and tone for a flutist,[4Metal quality: Most beginning flutes are nickel or silver plated nickel. Pure silver (sterling silver) is the next quality up. If you are purchasing an intermediate flute, a pure silver headjoint or full flute is ideal. Next, there is the option of rose gold which can run about the cost of a nice car, and there are even platinum or titanium flutes!
• The most important part of the flute is the head joint, so if you cannot afford the body and foot joint, make sure to update the head joint’s metal quality at the least.
• Watch out for gold plated lip plates. They don’t affect tone at all and are just for looks.[5] However a better quality riser, the short “chimney” that attaches the lip plate to the head joint, does improve tone  now you know how to play the flute. Yamaha Flute 225SII (w/case) Here is a flute in the box. You have to put it together.

Orchestral flute This is what a flute looks like  when it is together. Hope you learned something.


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10 Jobs That I Want to Have


1 is being a teacher. 2 is being a doctor. 3 is being a waitress at a restaurant. 4 is working as a hair cutter. 5 is working at a store. 6 is veterinarian. 7 is clothes design. 8 is working at an ice cream shop. 9 is a nurse. 10 is babysitter. These are the jobs that I want to have when I grow up.

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What I did over Earth Hour


OverPoverty earth hour me and my family turned off all of the lights and keept them on even when earth hour was over. We had so much fun playing puzzles. Hope you had a good earth hour. If you want to write a comment you can tell what you did for earth hour bye.

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How Hockey Sticks are Made


Did you ever wonder how hockey sticks are made? Well you came to the right blog because I am going to tell you. Hockey sticks currently are made of different materials, each having its own characteristics. They also vary in shaft length, circumference, shape, flexibility, balance, kick point, and blade characteristics. Youth stick shafts are shorter and have a smaller circumference, and youth blades are shorter in length and height also. Wood Hockey Stick Construction:

Lumber is the least expensive but is usually slightly heavier. Wood hockey sticks offer a strong, natural feel with the puck. NHL players never used to break their sticks nearly as often when they all used wood sticks. This indicates that the trade off in strength is worth it for the performance of new composite ones.

Wooden hockey sticks are now usually made by laminating layers of wood together with thin plastic or fiberglass. The blade is then coated entirely in a layer of plastic or fiberglass to protect it. That keeps the water from seeping into the cracks to splinter the bottom of the blade, and makes them lighter than the original solid wood sticks. Still, wood is not as durable as aluminum or composite hockey sticks.

Composite Hockey Sticks: In September 2009, Sid Crosby was switching to one piece composite sticks. Composite sticks are today’s popular and more expensive option. They are lighter than wood, and players claim to have faster shots as a result. Stickhandlers cite improved puck control as the best feature.

Composite sticks can be composed of different materials like wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, or Kevlar. They can be made with the blade and the shaft in separate pieces or as a one piece hockey stick.

You’ll commonly find composite sticks to be (or close to)

  • 20% graphite with 80% firberglass;
  • 50% graphite with 50% fiberglass;
  • 100% graphite.

To make a composite stick, a long sheet of the composite material is wrapped around a mold in the shape of the blade or shaft. Then it is compressed in a large machine until it takes on the proper shape.

Fiberglass Hockey Stick Construction: Fiberglass is made from extremely fine fibers of glass woven together into a sheet like cloth. Multiple sheets are bonded by resin for thickness and strength. This makes it heavy, and with its lack of density, fiberglass is also the weakest of composite hockey stick materials. These usually have a core, and it’s usually wood, but you will also find fiberglass in lower end graphite sticks. Fiberglass hockey sticks are the least expensive composite hockey sticks, so, considering their fragility, they’re best for a beginner or small player.
Graphite Hockey Stick Construction: First off, graphite and carbon are interchangeable terms. Carbon fiber is carbon based composite material, that is strong in tension but reasonably flexible, light, and expensive.

Graphite is a soft, gray or black form of crystalline carbon that is found in nature and is used for pencils although it contains no lead. Carbon fiber was discovered in petroleum pitch derived from oil processing, but now is mixed with other natural byproducts called polyacrylonitrile.

Carbon fibers are drawn into long strands or fibers and then heated to a very high temperature without any contact with oxygen so it won’t burn. This gets rid of everything but carbon. Then a bit of oxygen is added to the molecules so that epoxy, polyester, nylon, or urethane will adhere to it. Then the strands are woven into a cloth like sheet as the raw material for hockey stick manufacturers.

Graphite (carbon fiber) can be used to coat or reinforce wooden or fiberglass sticks, or be mixed with Kevlar or other material. The most expensive composite hockey sticks don’t have wood or fiberglass in them, they’re either 100% carbon, or mixed with Kevlar for more strength. Graphite is stronger than aluminum or fiberglass but also more expensive, though not as costly as aluminum or kevlar. They have the feel of a really light wood stick.

Aluminum Hockey Stick Construction: Some hockey sticks have a shaft made entirely out of aluminum, and need a replaceable wood or composite blade insert. Aluminum hockey sticks are stronger and lighter than wood or fiberglass, and don’t wear or warp like a wooden stick, but they are not up to Kevlar or graphite standards. On the other hand, they aren’t up to Kevlar or graphite prices either.

To make an aluminum hockey stick, aluminum sheets are folded repeatedly into a block shape. The aluminum block is then cut into pieces roughly the size of the finished shaft or blade and pressed into shape in a machine called an extruder. The metal is then heat-treated to give it strength.

Kevlar Hockey Sticks: While often used in tandem with graphite, Kevlar can also be used on its own to make a hockey stick. Kevlar sticks are expensive but are also strong and can be the lightest on the market.
Titanium Hockey Sticks: Similar to Kevlar, these are usually not combined with any other materials. Companies are combining titanium and carbon fiber in other products now though, like cars. Titanium is a stiffer material by nature, but titanium hockey sticks are offered in various flexes. Titanium hockey sticks often feature replaceable (carbon) blades that are replaceable. These are some of the strongest and lightest sticks that money can buy, but are very expensive. Now you know how to make hockey sticks. I hope you learned alot from this bye.
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10 People Who I would Like to meet Dead or Alive


1st I would like to meet Ellen Degeneres one question I would like to ask her is how is it like to me a celebrity. 2nd is one direction the question I would ask them is, does it feel good to be really popular? 3rd of all is Taylor Swift and I would ask her how does she sing so well. 4th Katy Perry   I would ask her why she wears such  crazy outfits. 5th Albert Einstien and I would try to ask him how he became such a good sciencetist. 6th leonardo da vinci so I could ask him how he got to be a really could artist . 7th Adele and ask her were she comes up with her song names. 8th Kesha I want to ask her how do you have a great voice. 9th Pink (Alecia Moore) I would ask her why did she change her name to pink? 10th Finally Carrot top’s (Scott Thompson) I would ask him why is your name Carrot top’s?

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If I lived in Florida I Would……..


If I lived in Florida I would love to live on the beach close to every fun thing. The first reason is there are nice beaches to swim and play in. Another reason is there are lot’s of amusement parks/ fairs.  Next is I would love play in the sand and water everyday (even rainy days). Lastley it is sunny a lot there. For all of these reasons I would like to live in Florida.

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